Strategy & Campaigns

The bigger picture for your business

We’ll help make your plan come to life and come through. Whatever concept you may have or look for, we’ll help you along with every step from campaign planning and pre-production to launch, management and monitoring.

  • Digital marketing strategies & analytics
  • Development of digital campaigns

Audit & Analytics

Base your decisions on meaningful data

Collecting data is easy. Making sense of it is where it gets tricky. And that’s exactly what we do - sort & clean the data, connect the dots and find the links. We don’t provide you with a heap of fancy dashboards, we provide you with industry-specific insights and benchmarking, so you can see the whole picture and plan your next steps based on solid figures.

  • Digital market research & analytics

Content & Social

Bring your message across right

So you know your product is great but don’t quite know how to put it under the eyes of your customers. But they are there, online, consuming content 24/7 and might as well see yours... if you can nail the delivery.
While that can be a challenge, at the end of the day it’s not what you say, it is how, when and where you say it that makes your audience engage and get things moving. And we can help you connect the dots on your ideas and build the bridges to your your customers’ hearts and minds.

  • Content marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media presence & management

Data Management & GDPR

By certified data security professionals

Yes, it’s a thing. And you cannot ignore it. Handling data has become a maze of regulations and requirements, where even seasoned marketers get lost from time to time. Today, handling data is like handling fire - safe and useful if you know what you are doing and have taken proper measures to keep it under control. Our data specialists will help you do just that, so your data processes are safe, compliant and efficient.

UX, UI & Design

Make it work for your user = make customers

The experience on your site can be a major factor in determining whether business will happen down the road. If you want to take your online business seriously, a seamless UX is a must. Enough said.
Our team can have a look at what you already have, indicate potential pitfalls and come up with unique solutions to take your UX to the next level. Concept, functionality, visuals, code, everything.

  • Website & Digital Platform development