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We drive growth for our customers' businesses by enabling their marketing and business analytics efforts,
essentially being a marketing and BI team extension for customers, whose high-value audience has digital at its core.

Strategy & Campaigns

The bigger picture for your business

Search & Performance

Drive your business online

Audit & Analytics

Base your decisions on meaningful data

Content & Social

Bring your message across right

Data Management & GDPR

By certified data security professionals

UX, UI & Design

Make it work for your user = make customers


Vadims Grebins

Digital marketing manager at Tele2

To me, honesty, frankness and transparency are the three essential principles for successful partnerships. These traits are embraced by every manager and specialist at Inspired Frank. The team is professional, competent and has a true passion for digital marketing. Every company wishing, planning or thinking about starting to work with Inspired Frank must understand that the success of cooperation does not depend on the agency alone - a good relationship is a two-way street. You must be ready to invest your time, talk about issues and share your goals.

Elīna Rasmane

Head Of Marketing Department at BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS

With BTA Baltic Insurance Company being among the leading insurance companies in the market, it is important for us to work with a reliable, trustworthy and competent partner. Besides, we put great emphasis on our digital media development and believe in technology advances that help us grow and reinforce our position. Thus our choice for cooperation naturally fell on Inspired Frank. These professionals have not only helped us cut through the jungle of Google ads, analytics and content creation, but also actively work on developing our digital strategy and share valuable advice on efficient media use. We are glad to be working together with such trusty pros.

Andis Ožets

The Founder of AUDIOMOTIV

Creative, modern and thoughtful - these are the first things that pop into mind when it comes to working with Inspired. We started to create our company image completely from scratch. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Inspired covers everything related to company branding, website creation and advertising. One of the biggest perks of our collaboration is that all matters are handled by just one responsible manager, which is very important when working on a project with several parts, where sometimes the right hand has no idea what the left one does. Inspired can also perfectly explain and prove their point of view. A pleasant and fruitful cooperation with young and competent professionals!

Dagnija Segliņa

Head of Marketing and Customer Service Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

Given the specific genre of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, it is important for our partners to understand our industry specifics, audience and other aspects essential to our work. While classical music is inherently rich in tradition and draws inspiration from centuries long gone, we believe that we too must adapt to the digital capabilities of today and address our existing and potential listeners in a diverse, convenient and accessible manner. That is why we started working with Frank by Inspired, and this partnership has met every expectation. Together we have achieved all the goals we had set.


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